Sustainability Report: A long term view

29 Mar 2019

For the second consecutive year, Ternium publishes its Sustainability Report which includes key indicators that show the commitment of the company to achieve sustainability in the long term.

Ternium’s Sustainability Report summarizes the commitment of the company with its communities to fortify and renovate its operations license through key indicators that evaluate the company’s performance in Safety, Health, Environment, Human Resources, Innovation, Community Relationships, Chain of Value, Corporate Government and Economic Performance.

“As a leading industrial company in Latin America, we look to establish new standards in industrial excellence, technology, customer support, and differentiation,” writes Paolo Rocca, Chairman of Ternium, in his initial letter of the report.

In this second edition, which is published every year at the same time as the annual report, it shows an integral vision of the actions that the company is taking to improve sustainability in the long term. It presents indicators in perspective by comparing them with the obtained results from previous years.

The Environmental Management System in Ternium’s facilities has an ISO 14001 certification, and to be in tandem with the ISO 50001 standard, the company’s environmental and energetic policy was updated in 2018. The Rio de Janeiro Facility was the first in achieving such certification which will be extended to the rest of the industrial system of the company.

The report also highlights the improvement of the safety indicators from the company, which go hand in hand with the efforts to achieve 0 accidents in our installations. In 2018 Ternium dedicated 564,341 hours in safety training to 18,609 collaborators and contractors.

The report also points out the effort put by Ternium in programs that support the chain of value and the community, as well as its search for constant innovation, the best human resource, and operational discipline.

Read the full report here