Quality Policy

“A single company, a single Quality Policy.” Ternium’s single Quality Policy was built upon this premise.

The initiative expresses the company’s commitment with its customers, and it is aligned with the vision of making Ternium a leading steel company in the Americas.

Ternium’s Quality Policy sets the blueprint for the search for high quality standards of products and services. Moreover, it states the entire organization’s commitment with its customers, based upon the belief that their own success is intrinsically related to Ternium’s success. In addition, it focuses on human resources, promoting a culture oriented towards improving integration, life quality, safety and environmental care.

In the daily dynamics, this initiative implies that Ternium’s human resources share the responsibility to adopt a single quality management system aligned with the industry’s highest standards; to adopt a continuous improvement of systems and processes, a fluid and transparent relationship with customers and suppliers, an investment plan to achieve systematic growth and customer satisfaction through quality products and services.

The joint drive by the company’s management, professionals, technicians and laborers enables to reach “Ternium Quality” internationally. Accomplishing this goal requires developing and implementing Ternium’s Quality Management System, homologating ways of managing quality, conceiving a single quality standard —no matter where the product or service comes from—, and then to validate it by obtaining Ternium’s Quality System certificate.